Browser stops responding during quiz slides

Hello, I am having an interesting error with a client that I cannot seem to
figure out. I have a course built for them and sometimes during the quiz
the browser stops responding. The user will receive an error message
identifying the browser has stopped responding and then are prompted to
resend/restore the page. This brings them back to their LMS homepage where
they have to log in again and get back into the course to complete. It's an
annoyance and the course will complete once they log back in, I'm just
trying to understand why this is happening and what if anything is in my
control to fix it.

The interesting part of this issue is that it does not happen all of the
time. In testing, the longer the session took the more likely it would stop
responding during the quiz questions at the end of the course. If instead,
the user kept a steady pace they could finish the course with nothing
hanging up. From my limited understanding of an issue like this, having an
application hang can be a result of the client requesting something from
the server and the client isn't getting a response back.

While this could be a problem with the LMS, which is admitted to be a
little older, they do not have the same problem with their dozens of other
courses most of which are much longer and larger than the one I provided. I
am hoping to gain some perspective if there is something I could be doing
differently within Storyline to prevent this hang in communication from

I have tested this in SCORM Cloud and cannot recreate this time-out issue. The client's LMS is provided through SAP. If anyone has had a similar issue  or had any issue with SAP I would love to hear your perspective. Again, the course isn't broken there is just a time-out issue during the session.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

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