Browser Testing

I'm working on updating our testing protocol and I'm curious as to what browsers are being used when conducting alpha/beta or QC testing once content has been developed. Aside from Chrome, IE and Safari, are there any benefits of testing with other browsers? We are using 360 to publish our SCORM packages and use Moodle 2.7. If you could share any feedback, that would be great!


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Dan Marsden

If you're looking for ammunition to encourage your internal team to upgrade I'd start with the security release information - many serious security issues have been reported since the 2.7 release.
(Just look for the line "and earlier unsupported versions" and this probably means your 2.7 site.) 

You should prioritise an upgrade just to fix the security issues - let alone the bug fixes and new features that you will get.

The Moodle tracker ( contains all the details about bug fixes - I think there are around 120 issues related to SCORM that have been fixed since 2.7 and the number of "browser issues" would probably be hard to gauge.