Browser toolbar disappearing in published LMS Storyline projects

Hi all,

My biggest Storyline project to date is in the beta phase and multiple beta testers keep notifying me of a problem where the class opens with no browser toolbar. As a result, they have to open their computer's task manager to end the program just to exit the class (even the escape key won't get them out of it).

I've never experienced this myself when testing my published classes and it does not happen to everyone who takes the course; maybe about half of them experience the issue. Though so far it does seem to only happen with Internet Explorer users. (Not good because our OT department only allows Internet Explorer to be used by our employees.) It seems to strike at random.

I know what you're thinking - my "other" settings in the player menu are set incorrectly. Au contraire. I checked them all, and they are all set to open with the user's current browser size and lock the player at the optimal size.

So what am I doing wrong? My projects are published through Coursemill (a Trivantis product). Many thanks to anyone who can help!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Breanne!

Have you tested this content in the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing , to see if you get the same results?

You may need to troubleshoot within your LMS, and depending on which method you published this in, Flash or HTML 5, Internet Explorer may not be supported for viewing content.

Hopefully others who may be familiar with this LMS may be able to offer other advice.

Breanne Myers

Hi Emily!

Thank you for your suggestions, although we are still using Storyline 1, so I'm not sure how much of the content in the links you provided still applies to Storyline 1.

I did publish to include HTML 5, but I'm not sure it's a problem with just the LMS or Internet Explorer since some learners are still able to take the class without any issues on Internet Explorer. Plus we have several other Articulate-built classes that are published to the same LMS that do not have this issue at all, which makes me think it's something specific to this project.

Also, our OT department will absolutely not allow any other browsers to be used besides Internet Explorer (unfortunately).

I published using SCORM 1.2; could that have anything to do with it?

Thank you!