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Jul 11, 2013

I created a simple Storyline file so I could test FF, Chrome and IE with JAWS, alt tags and keyboard navigation.

FF is by far the worst of the bunch for me. The content freezes while loading but only when JAWS is running. Many attempts all had the same result no matter how I tried to launch it. As soon as I shut JAWS down, the content would launch correctly. So, FF didn't work at all.

Chrome – Content launches but the alt text isn’t read at all and when I tab to a button that should go to the next screen and press enter, nothing happens.

IE – The alt text is read and pressing enter on a button does work. I noticed though that when you tab to the menu and press enter, the navigation does NOT work.

Anyone have similar browser experiences? Better? Worse?

Also, Is it still the case that we can't adjust the tab order?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ken!

Here is another thread about a similar issue.  I looked up the case that is mentioned in this thread, and it’s as I thought, IE (due to flash) is what is recommended along with the latest version of JAWS.  

By default, the yellow box will travel from the upper-left corner of the slide to the lower-right corner. Here is some additional information on those tabs.

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