Browsers don't play course from desktop all of the sudden...

Sep 30, 2016


I am trying to view my course from the desktop. When I try to launch in Chrome or IE, all of the sudden I am getting a Flash Shockwave error. I can't view my course, the loading symbol just goes round and round.

Firefox is working fine, but I need IE for some courses and Chrome for others because of different client needs.

If I load to our FTP site and click the link in IE and Chrome, the courses run fine in both browsers--but that's an extra step I'd like to skip if possible.

I did recently do the Windows 10 upgrade. Do you think this could have anythign to do with it?

Thanks for your help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jared!

If you are distributing to users, it should be loaded onto your LMS or either a web server and this issue should not occur. This is an issue viewing the content locally, which seems to be happening the most to course developers.

How are you publishing and sharing the content with your users? Have you tested viewing as they would?

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