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Bruce Graham

Just an update.....

Seems the official line here is (paraphrased) "It behaves this way because this is the way it is in PowerPoint".

This just seems to be a bit of a "cop-out" answer to me. I appreciate that it is not a huge issue, however, why have some images that can be swapped out, and some that you cannot?

Isn't a line just a really thin rectangle, with optional ends and styles?

Storyline is not PowerPoint - this just seems like a really weak explanation to me.


David Fair

Hi Bruce,

Lines can't be changed into shapes or vice versa. But you can change the end points of a line without recreating it. Right-click the line, and go to Format Shape > Line Style. You can change the beginning and ending type and size.

Since lines only have two points and rectangles have four, they don't behave quite the same way. That may be the reason lines can't be converted to other shapes.

I hope that helps.