Bug in HTML5 publication but works with the old flash publication


I'm working on an old game that i've created a long time ago with storyline 1...

In this old time, there was no other possibility than flash to publish our project. Today I'm a flash killer because our security is so strict.

My routine consist in taking one question in a question bank by a click on a button, if it's correct then you go back to begin (slide with the button) else you have another chance (illimited) to find the correct answer.

With flash publishing "it works!" but with html5 there is a kind of infiny loop cursor on the screen without possible exit or trigger.

Does a solution exist? Am i wrong in my triggers?

Help !

Frederic Waymel

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Frederic Waymel

Thanks again David!

In fact the bug appear on the incorrect answer but not all the time. I've also this loop with illimited try .

The result slide was created to reset the questions from quiz in case of correct answer before going back to my slide1.1. Without this I've always the same question in a bank of 10 questions.

In fact, all i need is to click on an object , catch a random question from a question bank and in correct case going back to my gaming slide to give points, in incorrect case let the user answer again or loose and go back to gaming slide. The only difficulty is to reset the choice in my banks.

Frederic Waymel

Yes David it's my trouble. If the user click on another button to get another question there is nothing to do but in my case there is only 17 objects/buttons with a link to 17 questions bank.

My game will look like a card game with 17 cards and 170 questions. A score attended allow to escape from the game.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frederic,

I took a look at your project and I'm seeing the same behavior in Flash and HTML5.



Your description sounded like you were running into an error or is the issue that you are presented with the same question?

Thanks for helping me understand so that I can take another look.

Frederic Waymel

Hi Leslie,

Sorry to be so late for this message. I'd like to understand also how you can run this project without any bugs.

I've publish again in "pure html5" and in "pure Flash " on Review. My bug seems to be real with my 2 computers.



I think that I'm going to produce my project without Storyline360 for this time.

Thanks Leslie

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frederic,

Thanks for sharing those links for me to take a look.

I thought I could do the same for you:

Flash Version

HTML5 Version

Do you experience the same issue with that output?

I published with Update 24, Build 3.24.17733.0, but since we've chatted we've released another update as well.

If you open the story.html file in a program, such as NotePad, you should be able to identify the version you used to publish: