Bug in latest update to Storyline 3

Apr 27, 2018

This week I wan't to do some updates to an existing course and when I launched Storyline 3 I was invited to upload the latest version.
Following this, I opened he course I wanted to work on and found two slides that appeared blank (white)  in the Storyview (see image adjoined). 
When I clicked on these slides, only part of the content was visible and while these elements were still accessible on the timeline, I couldn't access them on the main display to make any changes. However, in preview mode they still work perfectly.
Any idea what might be going on here and how I can address the issue other than recreating these slides from scratch? 
Thanking you in advance.

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Steve Gannon


On the left edge of the timeline, be sure the objects do not have the lock symbol turned on. If the objects aren't locked but you still can't select and edit them on the slide, they may be on a layout in the slide master. You can use the View menu to access the slide master and make edits to the layouts there.

If this isn't the issue, Matthew's suggestions may resolve this.

Donna O'Leary

Matthew, Steve.
Thanks for your replies. I had already checked to insure that no content was locked and there is no "Repair" function for Storyline software, with Windows 10 you can only install and uninstall. 

I've sent a message to support to see if they have any ideas on what the issue might be as it's the 1st time in over three and a half years that I've encountered such an issue.

Best regards

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Donna for submitting a support case! I see it's with our team and someone will be in touch soon. 

In the meantime, I'd agree with Matthew to go through the repair steps first, and I'd also look at importing that one Storyline course into a new file to see if that resolves any of the odd behavior. If it does, you'll also want to keep these best practices in mind to prevent these odd issues in the future.