Bug in one of the Velocity Free Form Question slides

Hello.  I am relatively new to storyline, so I am not sure where the best place to post issues is, so I figured I would try here.  I realized (after numerous hours of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong) that there appears to be a bug in on of the Vision template Freeform Pick Many question slide.  When the slide is updated to include the content desired, regardless of what correct fields are selected in the Form View, Options "A" and "C" cancel each other out.  Meaning you cannot select both "A" and "C" when in preview or publish mode.  After redownloading this template slide multiple times over 2 days, I decided to try the same dark template in the Focus template and did not experience the same issues, which makes me believe there is a bug in this Vision Freeform Pick Many Question template.

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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Lisa!

You came to the right place for help, and thanks for those helpful clues. 😀

I used Storyline 360 Update 44, where I'm having trouble recreating any issues with the Vision Pick One slide. 

Would you mind sharing your .story file for a closer look? You can upload it through this case link.

Becca Levan

Hello and welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Anna! ⭐️

Sorry you're facing a similar snag! I don't see that Lisa connected with us, but here are my thoughts:

We'd be happy to take a look at your file and help troubleshoot. Could you connect with us here and we'll be in touch after we test your file!

Andrea Koehntop

Hi Holly!

I apologize for the issues you are experiencing with your freeform question using the dark Focus template. 

I've tested this on my end, and using the freeform question, dark Focus template, pick many option, works as expected. I was able to choose multiple answers, and received the correct feedback both in preview mode and when publishing to Review 360.

  • Are you also using the pick many option? 
  • Can you select more than one option, or only one?

I look forward to your responses and helping you work through this issue! 

Holly Nace

Hi.  I inserted a freeform, pick many question from the Focus template.  I can pick four of the five options but cannot pick A and C at the same time.  Clicking one deselects the other. I have all options selected as correct responses.  Right now I have sort of fixed it by making C an incorrect answer - then it give me correct results in preview. I have not tried publishing it yet.  I am not sure how to share the whole storyline or the slide with you but if you told me how I'd be happy to attach. :) I'm still a storyline baby :) 

Andrea Koehntop

Hi Holly, thanks for that additional information!

Be sure to download your .story file to your local drive and open and edit it from there. Working from a network drive can cause erratic behavior. 

You can share your .story file with us privately here. We will delete the file from our records when troubleshooting is complete.