Bug in Storyline 3 when inserting videos

Aug 27, 2017


Never had any issues with SL2 when inserting videos. In version 3 the video appears in a reduced format, shrinking the image. I could'nt change it, tried several options. Once the control bar was added, I could click on play but no sound, then the video continued to display while I was clicking on other layers. Then the program crashed. I tried several other actions, closing the program, etc.

My solution was to keep working in SL2 for that specific slide giving several the user several videps to watch. Then I saved this slide under a new project name. Imported that file in SL3.

I hope that you provide a patch or an upgrade soon!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Luc!

Sorry to hear that you ran into an issue with this.

Are you saying that adding the video to SL2 and then importing into SL3 did work for you though? Even though you couldn't directly add the video to your project?

Have you been able to replicate that behavior in a new file or with another clip? 

I know that's a lot of questions, but I am not familiar with an issue similar to this. If you need us to take a look, please feel free to share the video file for us to test.

Luc Thibault

Hi Leslie,

It took me a long time to answer! I'm not checking in so often... so to go back to your questions:

- Yes that workaround is useful. I simply import a Storyline 2 file in a Storyline 3 production. The video will appear in the right format and I will be able to adjust the size without distorsion.

In Storyline 3 I can add the video file, that's not the issue. The issue is when I try to resize the Window. The video control bar will appear in the middle of the screen for example. The video format is MPEG.


Luc Thibault

Hi Alyssa,

Again sorry for the delay as I'm not checking in often but I'll see if I can have email alerts.

See the attached file. In SL2 I never had any issues to display the video and the size is right when I insert it.

I recommend using SL2 and 3 to see the difference. In this file I resized the video window a little bit and when you launch view mode you will notice that the video is displayed below the control bar.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Luc! 

Thanks for the sample file. I see that the video control bar overlaps the video in Preview mode, but it appears correctly after the file is published. Check out this link to see how it looks once it's published. 

I'll continue looking into this to see whether we've got a bug here. I'll keep you posted on any new developments!

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