Bug? Need some help.

Hi all, I have created a toggle (with circle and square within states) which works perfectly fine. However, every time I move the "toggle" the circle shifts slightly downward as you can see in the pictures. It is quite annoying because I will have to go in "edit state" to shift it back up after moving.

This should not really happen as the toggle is created from two objects "within" states. I have also attached the file so you, specially the heroes and the staff, can see and help me fix this. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Duke! I had to put my glasses on for this one. 🤓

I did notice a 1 pixel shift when I moved the object around on the slide. To fix it, I switched up the states configuration. Instead of the using the white circle as the main object, I used the green rounded rectangle as the main object. Then I added the white circle as an extra object within each state.

Have a look at the changes I made, and let me know if it is working better for you!

Duke Intraprasert

Hi Alyssa,

Sorry about that and thanks for the help. It works brilliant!! 

I kinda figured the way around it later too. I was just wondering why this happens. Well, I still think the team should know about these little bugs.

I notice when it comes to details like moving objects pixel by pixel, Articulate still some bugs in it. I did not want to raise it up because I do not want to sound very picky. Anyway, I do really hope the team can look into it.

Thanks again. =D

Matthew Bibby

Yes, the positioning bug is really annoying.

I often hit Ctrl + Whatever Arrow Key to move an object by 1px. However, sometimes Storyline decides to just skip a pixel or two.

On other occasions, I'll look in the Size and Position window and see that the object is (supposedly) in the right location, only to realise when looking at the object on the slide that it is out by a pixel or two (despite the right position being shown in the S&P window).


Duke Intraprasert

Hi Alyssa,

Sorry to bother you again but how did you add the trigger within the "edit states" mode?

I know that if I add a trigger in the "timeline" mode for an object, that trigger will appear on the "Triggers" panel in the "edit states" mode for that specific object.

But when I look at your version, there no trigger "Toggle 1" on the "Triggers" panel in the timeline mode. It only appears in the "edit states" mode, where the trigger panel is actually disabled.

I hope you understand what I am trying to explain. Thanks


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Duke! No worries on sounding picky--if you find something that's not right, we want to know about it!

Although you can't add a trigger to an object in a state, you can add the trigger to the object before you paste it into the state.

In your file, the toggle trigger was already associated with the white circle. When I copied the circle from the slide and pasted it into the state, the trigger came with it. 

Let me know if that helps!