[Bug] Numeric Quiz uses text entry field.

Not sure where to post bug reports so I'm posting it here:

If you create a quiz slide for a numeric entry it does not use a numeric entry field but instead uses a text entry field. This means the answer is put into a text variable not a numeric variable. Since it's not numeric you can't use numeric tests in conditions for triggers.

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Mike Bethany

I found a workaround:

  1. Create a numeric variable. 
  2. Create your numeric quiz slide. 
  3. Close the slide if it's open. 
  4. Open the Manage Project Variables popup and delete the variable the numeric quiz is using. It will warn you that it is in use, click "Yes." 
  5. Open the numeric quiz slide (you can't do it from outside the slide for some reason). 
  6. Now in the Triggers windows click the red "unassigned" under the Text Entry box and set it to the numeric variable you created in step 1.

You now have a numeric answer to a numeric quiz question that you can use numeric comparisons on.