BUG: numeric variables with decimals are rounded if "Resume after revisiting" is active


few months ago I discovered a bug but, so far, no solution has been deployed despite my multiple requests to speed up the process. Indeed if you are using a numeric variable with decimals it happens that the value is rounded if the player has the feature Resume on restart active.


I post this to inform all of you hoping that Articulate can find a solution as fast as possible. The case is the 01899822. If you are experiencing the same issue please refers to it.


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Andrea Briganti


here is the process

a) create a numeric variable with an initial value of 45.50 (i.e)

b) create an interaction that deducts 0.25

c) activate the feature Resume on restart in the player

d) publish the course

e) enter the course, play with the interaction

f) close the course and restart


The displayed value of the variable is not as the one generated before closing the course.


Dave JOnes

I'm having the same issue.

Resuming a course via prompt removes numerical value after the decimal. e.g. the numeric value 37.5 becomes 37 on restart.

Looks like the same bug behaviour was mentioned 7 years ago!


This is quite problematic. Any news of a fix?

Andrea Briganti

Hi Dave, well I am really surprized by the fact that this issue was already notified 7 years ago...I didin't realized that when I published my post. It is really a pity.

We are paying a licence and we should get a fix in a reasonable period of time especially when a bug is discovered. 7 years to apply a fix to something that must work in a proper way doesn't fall in the "reasonable" definition. Frankly speaking I don't care about the policy of Articulate to apply fix only when there is a big volume of designers notifying an issue. 

No question about the new trigger features widely described...but if we can't rely on the basic mechanism to make triggers working than it is clear that I am also disappointed. 

I really hope that someone will find a solution asap

Lauren Connelly

Hi Dave and Andrea!

I understand the gravity of this issue and so does our team! As you've seen here, our team is intentional about every fix and feature we release. One of the many reasons for this decision is to ensure every release is met with perfection and impact.

Our team has begun investigating this bug and started the process to release the fix. When we are ready to share, I'll report back to this discussion!

Dave JOnes

Good luck with everything Andrea.

I submitted a support case quoting your reference 01899822 on 25/11/2019. Hopefully there is a fix soon.

Due to my project deadline being yesterday I used a work around (using triggers to calculate the amounts to two decimal places from saved variables that didn't use decimal places).