(Bug) Repeated user data when using print results


The tester reviewing one of my modules found this very odd bug that isn't module-breaking but it's a serious UX issue nonetheless. While I have a specially-designed custom certificate for it (which is based on the HTML and JavaScript provided by the published module), for this post I'll use what Articulate gives out when publishing the module. This happens when a user has finished an scored quiz and lands on the results page.

The steps:

1- Click on "Download Results" (mine says "Download Certificate", it displays the Enter Name prompt dialog. I have entered a name ("one name"), pressed OK and a new tab in my browser opens displaying the name and the date (see image "prompt_2")

2-Since both tabs are still open (the screen with the print button and the results screen), I go and press the "Download Certificate" again and input a different name ("another name" - see "prompt_3") in the Enter Name dialog. It opens a new tab with the new name and results (see "prompt_4"). Since the first tab is still alive, the user can click on it. If they do, they'll see the first name they typed still there, but duplicated (see "prompt_5"). The date is also duplicated.

3- Refreshing this first tab makes the issue go away (see "prompt_6"), but if the user goes back to the most recent results tab, the name and date of that tab gets duplicated now (see "prompt_7"). Refreshing here makes this issue go away, but the first tab will go back to the duplicated data.

A palliative solution would be letting the user know about this issue and letting them refresh until they get the correct results, but this is clearly an Articulate bug. I checked the JavaScript and it seems the .appendChild used to integrate the results into the HTML is causing this. I tried to fix it directly on the JavaScript, but changing it won't render the information from that dialog. The other solution I had in mind was setting a trigger to the "OK" button in that dialog that would have taken the user away from that screen, but that button is nowhere to be seen and impossible to edit.

Any advice?


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