Bug? Replacing Quiz feedback sounds

Hey there,

i made some slides with quizzes n(multiple choice).

If correct, i created a Feedback Sound ("Sound A").

I saved it, published it to a lms.

Today i replaced These sounds with new sounds.("Sound B").

The Problem: After Publishing the slides, still the old sounds (Sound A) are played. Not in all quiz slides, but in many of them.

When i Play the Sounds in the Publishing Folder, there are still many old sounds, which i replaced already.

(sorry about my bad english)

Can u help me pls?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Joel:

When you tested for Sound B, did you test it on the LMS?

If yes, there is no issue. When you publish a course and register to it, the function of the LMS is to capture your course as is and make that same version available for you even if the course is updated.

To properly test the course for Sound B, you need to either unregister from the course, clear your cookies (in your browser), clear the LMs session data (on the LMS), then re-register to the course, or upload the course as a new course and register to it.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Joe He

Hey Dennis,

thanks for your advise.

Every time i tested it on the lms, i deleted the whole course and recreated a new one. So tried Sound B as a

complete new user to each testversion of the module.

Little bit confusing: In the preview of storyline, the Sounds were correct.

Now I just found the solution: i deleted the Sounds which where wrong, saved the story and rerecorded them each by each. Surely not the best, but a work-around which worked for me.

Thank you!