[Bug Report] Previous Button Loop Since Last Update (SL360)

May 02, 2018

I haven't noticed this behavior before, so I believe it may be a bug.  I'd like to verify with others if I'm wrong, though.

When users click the "Prev" slide button (normal player behavior) triggering the built-in action to go to the previous slide, they seem to be getting in a loop where it goes to the previous slide, and then back to the slide they first clicked the button when they click "Prev" again, instead of further back in the slide deck.


User is on Slide 3, clicks "Prev", goes to Slide 2, user clicks "Prev" again, goes back to Slide 3. 

Expected behavior:

User is on Slide 3, clicks "Prev", goes to Slide 2, user clicks "Prev" again, goes to Slide 1.

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Kenneth Ham

Nevermind.  My forum search for recent related topics didn't lead me to the same topic from 4 years ago until I submitted it.  Apparently this is the intended behavior, and requires manually setting the previous slide action to navigate to the specific slide number.

Unless this changed between then and now (hopefully).....?

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kenneth!

The functionality of the previous button is to go to the last slide visited, not necessarily the previous slide in the menu.

If you'd want to ensure that the slides go in menu order using the previous/next button, you'll need to set that up as a trigger for each slide. For example, instead of "jump to previous slide" you'll want to use a specific slide number, like  "jump to slide 1.2." 

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