Bug Reviewing Branched Question in SL360


My acknowledgement section is made of survey questions where several branch to additional statements based on employees' response. The Results slide contains the Review, Retry and Continue buttons.

When completing the acknowledgement, if the learner chooses the branched option, for instance, #2, they are redirected to #2a then onward to #3. What I've noticed, however, is the case where they change their response after reviewing what they had.

They click Review, go through acknowledgement again changing their response to the non-branching option, then Review again (for good measure). The second time around, when the learner reviews question #2, instead of SL stepping to #3 it shows the page for #2a (options are blank) before stepping to #3.

I hope I was clear with my description but I've also attached a mockup just in case. I've also submitted a support ticket since I believe this is a bug. Thought I would share this in case anyone came across this vague issue. :-)


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