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Joel Bennett

Thanks Jill:

I shut down and am restarting to see how it goes; will let you know if it happens again. I was working on an copy-pasted image from PowerPoint tha I was cropping, stopped doing that, went to text editing, while text editing I made some changes and needed to undo (CTRL-Z), the undo went backwards (leaped over my edits) to the copy-paste image

Leana Kruska

I have had the same issue several times - using ctrl+z jumps to an action many, many actions ago.  (It's not a restart problem, as this has happened on several days, in a couple of different files).  If you have several slides, it can be very frustrating - because who knows what it undid... ctrl+z is such a standard windows command, it's an unconscious habit. Let me know if this gets resolved.  Thanks!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sue,

Phil's correct - it may be a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of Storyline installed.

To find your current version, click on Help >> About Articulate Storyline.

If you're not running Update 5 (1401.2415), I'd recommend downloading the update, installing, then testing your content again.

A list of fixes for this and all previous updates can be found here:

Issues Addressed in the Latest Articulate Storyline Update

Let us know if you try this and still have trouble.