Bug when animating bullet points in Korean

this is really weird: i have a course in Korean language, and certain slides have bullet lists inside.

When i try to add animation "by first level of paragraph", it just doesn't work properly. Two bullets appears togheter also if timed differently on the timeline, or they appears two times and overlap. 

i have tried deleting, copyng pasting, there is no way to make it working.

I have been forced to split each row element into separate text items.

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Zio Fonta

if you want to test it, just create a new slide and try to animate each bullet differently

  • 시간이 소요되고 복잡한 수선(이하 수선 가격 목록 참고 요망)
  • 상품구입 확인증(영수증 혹은 기록) 부재 
  • 영수증 지참여부와 관계없이 구입 3개월이 지난 제품
Christine Hendrickson

Hi Zio!

I recently reported this issue to our Quality Assurance team. It seems to only be an issue when setting the animation to "By First Level Paragraph". 

Unfortunately, you'll need to continue using the separate texts in order to animate in the order you described. 

I'm adding this thread to the report now. I'll be sure to share an update here when we have more information on the issue. 

I apologize for the trouble, Zio. Hopefully we'll have more details on this soon.