BUG with quiz layers?



In a quiz question, I have an option for the learner to recive hints. 
In this case the hints are also fun trivia on a famous person.
We had the hints appear (state set to hidden) after cliking a hotspot.

Since we want the learner to be able to see the hints after guessing\submitting their answer - we want that from the Fail\Success layer, they will still be able to click on the hotspot to see the hints.
Not sure why - but on any layer - you can click on the base layer's objects, but this doesn't function on the question layer.

To solve it I duplicated the hotspot and the hint to the tw layers. But this reqiures uodating 3 text boxes for each text change in that Hints text - and is an easy workaround, but weired that it is even needed... 

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