Bug with slide layers and nav buttons

May 20, 2013

Hi all,

I have a slide with two layers. On the base layer is some text and a button which shows the second layer when clicked. On the second layer is another text box. The second layer is set to hide objects on the base layer.

Bug: click on the button to open the second layer, then hit the 'Prev' button the player to go back a slide, then hit the 'Next' button to go forward again. The second layer text and base layer text are now both showing, overlapping.

It seems that the layers are not resetting correctly when using the nav buttons and what is / is not shown is getting confused.

It makes no difference if the second layer is set to hide objects on the base layer or not (in fact with the base layer not hidden its text box gets hidden anyway when opening the second layer, which it should not).

Story file attached.

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Matt Hobbs

OK tried the various options. What I get:-

1) Reset to Initial state - resets to base layer, with no overlap issues.

2) Resume saved state - shows whatever layer was active previously, with no overlap issues.

3) Automatically decide - what I had before, has the overlap issue.

I don't know if this is expected behaviour but it seems wrong to me. Option 3 allow you to get into a situation on the slide which is not possible in any way within the slide itself by hiding / showing layers - i.e. without exiting + reentering this is not possible. Perhaps this is desired behaviour in some circumstances, I don't know.

If this is not a bug, I'll need to set all slides where I have the issue to resume saved state, since I track which layers have been visited and don't want to force the user to revisit them multiple times.

Ashley K

Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue Matt posted in SL2.

My slide is set to "Resume Saved State" so that the learner can revisit without having to go through all the content every time they visit the slide. That works as expected.

My completion variables work as expected. The base layer is hidden on each subsequent overlaid layer.

Yet, when I proceed from this slide using the "Next" button, then hit the "Prev" button on the subsequent slide, I see the base layer text underneath the text on the layer I was on when I left the slide originally. This makes the text for that layer appear to "crash" over the text on the base layer, which shouldn't be showing anyway. What else should I check?

Any insights would be welcome. Thanks!

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