Bug with text entry field and triggers

I've created a simple Storyline file to illustrate what appears to be a potential bug. The file is simple and has one data entry field, and two variables: attempts and dataEntryValue. On focus shifting away from the data entry field, the corresponding dataEntryValue variable is set (this trigger is standard with a data entry field and can't be removed). There is also an additional trigger which adds +1 to attempts when focus is lost. 

The bug is that when you try it out, no matter what is input in the data entry field, the attempts variable is automatically set to the same value as dataEntryValue, instead of having +1 added to its value. This results in a weird case as well where if you enter letters, attempts is set to "NaN" (not a number). There is absolutely no reason attempts should ever be set to anything other than its current numeric value plus one, as per the trigger. It appears to be a bug with putting more than one trigger on a "When the control loses focus".

I had to rework a whole deliverable to a client today because of this. Please advise if this is something you can put into the fix queue.


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Keith K.

Hi Ashley,

This is a good workaround, but I still may want to increment things every time the user tabs out, even if the variable hasn’t changed. The fact that the trigger is breaking when used in this specific manner is something that I feel should be addressed, because it makes me wary to ever use the “when control loses focus” if it breaks this way with one additional trigger.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Keith - I certainly agree and apologize as I didn't finish my answer. This is something our QA Team is aware of and investigating. It seems that when you include two variables connected to the one text entry/action that this NaN can display. One of the workarounds mentioned was to use a Javascript method to check and set the variable.  

I'll include this thread in the report filed with our team so that I can share an update with you here once it's available.