Buggered by Problematic Trapping & Variables

My customer would like to use "open navigation", but also provide "trapping" and a gentle nudge to learners who cut the corner and attempt to access the Conclusion slide before they've consumed all content.

I'm having a heckuva time working out the variables... the "Unfinished Business" reminder on the menu/tracking slide either doesn't show when it should, or shows when it shouldn't! (as is the case in the attached story)


  1. Track completion of content visually for learner.
  2. Show a "Conclusion" slide telling them they've finished.
  3. Show them a prompt ("Unfinished Biz" layer) if they skip content and prematurely access the Conclusion. 
  4. DON'T show them the prompt if they get back in line and resume dutiful consumption of the content. 

The displayed variable references I'm using to troubleshoot the problem seem to indicate the variables are as they should be, but the program seems to ignore the logic. (I know, of course, I've not programmed the correct logic, but I don't see where I've gone wrong).

In the attached story, the "ClickedThru2Conclusion" variable detects the Learner cutting to the finish line (clicking on Conclusion in the Nav Menu). I attempt to re-set this variable after the Unfinished Biz layer catches them/prompts them, with the idea they will not see it again if they complete the content.  I've set one of the 3 chapters (PhoneReimb) to "Completed" to simulate a learner already partially complete with the course.

  • In Scene 1, I've tried to solve this using Variables (preferred method).
  • In Scene 2, I've tried to solve this using Button States.

Can anyone see where I've gone wrong, or advise another way to achieve the same desired end? (other than hiding the Conclusion in the Nav Menu!)

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Tom Kuhlmann

I did miss the comments. I usually turn them off so they we have everything captured in the thread. I'll look it over when I get some time today.

In the meantime, I'll post the comments here, so people can see them in case someone else has questions or if they have a better solution.

  1. I am attempting to track progress and send the learner back to content they've missed (maybe by accident, or possibly with intent to "complete the training" as fast as possible). 
  2. The "ClickedThru2Conclusion" is a variable that in my design VALIDATES that content has been consumed, and that is leveraged to SEND THEM BACK when the Learner fails to do so.
    It's TRUE state should trigger if they have "cut the corner" to the finish line by clicking ahead to "Conclusion";
  3. "Unfinished Business" is the visual prompt intended to nudge them back on track when caught cheating to the end & skipping content.
  4. "Unfinished Biz" should conditionally ONLY show when "ClickedThru2Conclusion" is TRUE, AND when ANY ONE of the 3 content segments is UNFINISHED ("False").
  5. BUT, as currently authored, "Unfinished Biz" is showing even when variable "ClickdThru2Conclusion" is FALSE (see image on posting)

IF YOU HAVE TIME TO LOOK AGAIN, here is the test plan on my orig "Variables" scene:

  1. Play the scene.
  2. At the Main Menu (Calif Exceptions Intro), watch for the "Unfinished Biz" layer to trigger. Look at the embedded image of the Trigger on the slide, and review the displayed variable references shown on the slide. You'll see these do not "add up." I cannot figure out why.
  3. IDEAL Scenario 1 - "Good User": 
    1. Content is consumed in whatever order; user NEVER sees "Unfinished Business" layer, because the reach Conclusion in logical sequence when all content is completed.
  4. IDEAL Scenario 2 - "Race Ahead User"
    1. When user clicks ahead to "CONCLUSION" on the Nav Panel, they are sent back to the Intro & prompted by "Unfinished Biz" layer. AND
    2. * When user gets back "on track" (Clickd Thru2Conclusion is re-set), they DON'T see "Unfinished Biz" layer again.

I've spent a couple of days at least on this, and I keep coming up with a knot on my forehead!