Buggy behaviour: cropping flipped images inconsistent

Hi all, 

This issue is killing me and I'm hoping for some help. If I crop an image in Storyline without applying any rotations, it works fine. However, as soon as I flip an image, the cropping seems to be entirely broken. 

Here's what it looks like in the crop tool (ignore the dude, he's a separate imagine behind the car): 



Here's what it looks like when I deselect the crop tool: 


The tool appears to not respect the mirrored view when it's cropped...

...yet in the slide preview, here's what I see: 


So in the end it appears to be functional, but the tool sure looks broken to me. Are other people experiencing this issue? 

(Using a .png file, which I've attached, and using the current version of Storyline 1)


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David Manning

Hi Chrstie and Ashley, 

Christie, it appears to be the same issue, which is a problem since I'm using the current Storyline version and it was supposed to have been resolved way back.

Ashley, yes, you are right; you're seeing the back of the car! It's as if the cropping gets mirrored when you flip the image. I think the crop tool doesn't reflect on-screen the correct crop zone when the image is flipped. When I export the file to the LMS, the cropping is correct. The problem shows up in Storyline, not in the file output.