Buggy Glossary

Aug 30, 2017

We're feeling a bit frustrated because of this weird glitch in the player's glossary. As you can see in this GIF, when selecting any terms, the first one became in hover state. It's annoying and confusing for the learner. What should we do?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Xavier, thanks for pointing this out. I'm seeing the same thing in Storyline 360 HTML5 output, but Flash seems to be working correctly. Is that the version of Storyline you're using?

I'll report this to my team so we can begin looking at next steps. Thanks again for bringing this up, and I'm sorry it's been plaguing you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Xavier,

Great news - we've got a fix for this issue in the latest update of Articulate 360! 

You can see all the fixes in the release notes here. 

The item you'll be interested in is how we fixed the issue where a long list of glossary items would unexpectedly scroll to the top when selecting entries in HTML5 output.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly. 

Matt Leo

Hi Ashley,

The glossary bug is only half-fixed with the latest updates in Storyline 360. There is still a bug in the HTML5 glossary.

I just tested this, and it's true that the glossary is no longer forced to scroll back to the top whenever a term is clicked, as was mentioned in this thread. This is good.

However, the top term still gets highlighted even if you click on other terms in the glossary, making it look like you have multiple terms selected at once. You can see this behavior in the gif that Xavier originally posted.

I found that the extra highlighted term at the top seems to be related to keyboard navigation. If you press the up and down arrows on your keyboard, you can move the highlight.

The bug seems to be that HTML5 shows the keyboard navigation highlight by default, while Flash doesn't. I think the correct (i.e. less confusing) functionality would be to keep the keyboard navigation hidden until one of the arrow keys is pressed, as is done in Flash.

I will also submit a support case for this, but wanted to make you aware that this is not fully fixed.



Michael Palko

Piggy backing onto this thread because I see the same issue in SL3.

I created a more visually pleasing glossary by adding a " - Select a term" entry as the first item.  (Note that the entry starts with <space> - <space> so it displays at the top of the list.) I also changed the hover and selected colors in Player's Colors & Effects.

Ren Gomez

Hi Everyone,

Good news! We fixed the issue where in the player glossary, the first term appears with a hover state when any other term is selected in HTML5.

Here's how to install the latest Storyline 360 update to see all the recent enhancements and fixes.

If the problem reappears, please connect with our team, or share a screen recording here, and we'll be happy to help!