Bugs in drag and drop questions with setting 'drag items return to start position'

Dec 22, 2019

If the setting of a drag and drop question is that the drag items return to their start position if they are dropped outside their right drop target there are 2 behaviours which are not correct IMHO.

If a drag item is dropped for 90% on a wrong target but just for a few pixels on the right target... it jumps to the right target.

If the targets have 'drag over states' only the right targets show the drag over state. The wrong targets do not react. So the question itself reveals the right answer before you drop a drag item.

360 file is attached

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a work around? It this expected behaviour (I hope not!) Or is it a bug?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Douwe,

Thanks for sharing what you are running into.

Phil is correct and we have an open issue we are looking into specific to:

Drag Over state of the incorrect object doesn't work if "Return item to start point if dropped outside - a correct drop target" is selected

I've added this conversation to the report as we track user impact and so that we can share any updates with you here.

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