bugs in lightbox contained with HTML5 output?

Feb 10, 2014

I have a glossary that I originally set up as a lightbox, but I changed the trigger to instead jump to the glossary slide because we were experiencing problems viewing the lightboxed slides in firefox (the right and bottom would be cut off, layers didn't work). Unfortunately, the jumping to a slide option restarts the audio on the original slide when the jumped to slide is "closed" (I set the X to return to previous slide). This is undesirable, I'd much prefer the audio to pause and resume from the paused state when returning to the original slide. 

We turned off the HTML5 publishing option to eliminate a bunch of glitches we were experiencing. My question is: should turning off HTML5 also solve this lightbox glitch? Can I lightbox without fear of glitches? Unfortunately, I didn't get the lightbox glitches when I tested on Tempshare, so the only way we can test if the lightbox works is to load it up to the client server, which I'd like to avoid since that would make the course public before we're ready. 

I submitted a support case but haven't yet received advice that jives with some of the things I'm seeing in my course.

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Katie Venit

00383772, But we had to go ahead and start testing it anyway, so we uploaded it to the client server. Lightboxes seem to be working so far. Fingers crossed!  I think the discrepancies I was seeing between performance on tempshare and my client's server may have had something to do with having the HTML5 option turned on (which I've since turned off)? Not sure. Anyway, BEFORE there were definitely differences between performance on tempshare and on my client's server, but NOW it seems to be ok.  

(Sorry for the large font.)

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