Bugs in SL1? MP4 videos won't play sometimes, and now: Weird performance on laptops

Hello again,

I apologize .. here is yet another problem from my part. I think it may be related to an issue I posted last week, that still isn't resolved.

I hope that someone with experience in publishing, and where the clients play the courses on a variation of media (desktop, laptop etc.) could help me out. But I am happy for any suggestion that will make me come closer to a solution.

I have published two courses in SCORM-format, and we use a platform called Moodle. When I run the courses on my desktop, or on my mac at home using a terminal server, they run perfectly. Oh happy days!

Some have reported that the mp4-videos won't show (re. the link above) and today I was contacted by someone in our company with a laptop pc of the kind Lenovo Thinkpad. He told me that the slides would not advance. So I checked, and they don't. Darn!

I have checked and re-checked the settings in the *.story-files. I think myself to have a fairly good understanding of the relationship between the player settings and the slide settings. I have read and re-read the documentation, and I have listened to what the department who ordered this course wants. Some slides are to advance automatically, and it works fine ... on my desktop.

It is down to nitty-gritty details, so before I go on: Does anyone know whether there is a bug in Articulate Storyline 1 with regards to playing courses on laptops? I mean, the animations I ask SL1 to do on the laptops are rather simple stuff.

Should anyone be interested I wll provide more details.


Bent, Norway

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bent!

Are you able to re-create the issue in SCORM Cloud? This would help us determine if the issue lies within the course or within the LMS. If you are able to replicate, please share a copy of your .story file so that we can take a look and detail the slides with issue.

if you are unable to share here in the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.

Bent Michaelsen

Hey Dan, thanks for the reply and the advice. I hadn't thougt about that, but they seem to be on the mark with regards to updates.

I've just checked, and as you can see from the attachment we have version 2.7. I have notified the IT dept. that an upgrade is available.

Regards, Bent

Bent Michaelsen

Well, there is no chance that I will get funds to purchase it these days (we are in the Oil & Gas industry, and as you know margins are low these days. But I will open a free account, and will upload the first I made, and where we discovered the problem.

It is the first I made, so please bear with me. It is also very simple and straight forward presentation of a subject, meant to play automatically for the most part. I have taken away the next-buttons, and replaced them with custom-buttons where they are supposed to stop.

On the laptops in question, they just stop after the first slide is finished. The user can click at the far right end of the seekbar (where the next-button should be) and it will progress. This is not evident, however, and the next-button is removed for a reason. Having progressed, the presentation will stop again when the timeline requires a new layer to be shown. So there you go.

I have tested this on a load of desktops, on my mac at home, and I have had colleagues test run the courses on their laptops of other kinds. I have had people test them inside or outside of the domain, and they work as a charm. Just not on the Lenovo Thinkpads. I have asked the IT department with regards to the version of Flash, but it is still early here in Norway. I do not posess the knowledge on how to determine which flash-version that are installed here and there.

Our LMS is Moodle 2.7. Please see attachment.

Best regards, Bent


Dan Marsden

Brent - that screenshot shows that you are currently running 2.6.3 last updated on 15th May 2014 - the message at the top is showing that there is a new version of Moodle available and you should upgrade.

The Moodle 2.6 branch is no longer supported - you should have an internal process running security upgrades/patches every 2 months and a 12 or 18 monthly process to upgrade to a new major release. 

but - in saying that I don't recall any Moodle bugs that would result in the behaviour you state on a 2.6 Moodle installation - however I have seen issues related to web server configuration that cause issues when displaying videos. You could also try your SCORM package on the free https://moodlecloud.com  site to see if it works there. If it works on the Moodle cloud it is likely an issue with your Moodle server configuration or version.

Good luck!

Bent Michaelsen

Hello again,

I finally got a hold of a laptop of the kind that failed, installed the newest Flash version and voilà it works. I am by no means an IT-engineer, but I am fast becoming one.

I have warned our guys in the IT department of the problem, so I reckon it will be fixed soon. I hope.

With regards to Moodle, the same people are moving, mooooving, moooooooving ... to do their business.

Thanks for all help and all advice. You rock.

Best regards, Bent

This case is related to this ... I think.