Build a new set of selections/checkboxes based on a previous one.

Hello! Let's see if the community has any solutions to this one.

I'm trying to build personality description, where a user gets to select certain words which they find describe them best. Let's say there's a certain amount of words, i.e. 50 in different categories, on several pages.

And there's a checkbox for each of those words. As the user does selections, there's a list building up of all currently selected choices, this list could be on a layer, presented on all pages.

Finally, when the user has selected all they need to select, they will arrive on a page (or slide) where all the choices can be viewed. The user can review them or go back and alter some choices. But on this final page, they will need to select a certain number of those choices which are particularly important for them. So there will be checkboxes again on all selections, and this time only, let's say 8, will be selectable.

After this is done, the user gets to put all those 8 selections in priority order, from 1 to 8. And then the resulting list could be printed out for later use, or even saved somewhere, that's a later problem.

Is this doable? I'm using Storyline 1.


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