Build an E-learning Course with Pre and Post Assessment


I am currently in the process of updating our existing compliance courses that will be launched next year in January. Since the content has not changed, we did not want our learners to sit through the whole course again. So we decided to have a pre and post assessment in-built in the course. This is the idea I have in my mind but am not sure how to execute it,

As soon as a learner opens a course, they will have a pre-assessment quiz. If they answer both the questions correctly, they will skip the content for topic 1 and directly move to pre-assessment of Topic 2.

If they do not answer the pre-assessment correctly, then they will have to go through the content for topic 1 and then answer the post quiz of Topic 1. After this they move to the pre-assessment of topic 2 and so on.

Is there anyway to make this work in Articulate Storyline? I know we might have to use Variables for this, but am not sure how to do it.

I have attached a sample outline. 

It would be great if you could show me a sample how this could be executed.



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Susi B

Hi Ashwin,

yes you can do this with variables. Just create a variable for each quiz slide and add a trigger to the correct feedback layer which changes the variable to true when the timeline of the correct feedback layer starts. Then you need an additional trigger on the last quiz slide feedback layers which directs you to topic 1 if one of the variable is false or to topic 2 if both variables are true.

See attached file, i build it for the first pre test.



Susi B

Hi Stephanie,

I think this should work with questionbanks too. But it´s different, because in a Questionbank you have like 20 questions, 10 are drawn. If they get the amount of correct questions they need, you can simply set a trigger on the correct layer on the result slide to jump to the scene you want to for excample scene 2 instead of scene 1.

Ashwin didn´t use a result slide, so he needed variables for this. :)

Hope this helps a little.