Building a boardgame

Jul 15, 2019

Hi all! I'm currently building a board game in Storyline and have bumped into a few issues. I'm a bit stuck on this one mechanic I'm trying to build:

Currently I have a board game set up with a dice roller. As the user moves to a new space, a question should pop up for the user to answer, and then return to the board game to roll the dice again once they have answered the question. The questions must be randomized. I've been trying to use a question bank to keep the questions randomized, but have had issues once the user tries to return to the board game. 

I've attached the story line file below, let me know if you can figure this one out. And, if you have any critique on the existing build to the game, feel free to share! I'm pretty new to Articulate and any tips would be appreciated. :)


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