Building a button interaction


I'm new to Storyline and am currently trying to build a clickable interaction using buttons. I've created a slide with the layers that need to be in it. I'm wondering how I would get the buttons to show correct or incorrect answers when the user clicks on the activity? I'll attach the file I'm currently working on. It is the very last possible slide titled "Direct & Indirect Communication".

For the first slide - the answer would be indirect. How do I make it to where I can let the user know if he got it correct or not? Do I have to make a new layer for each question? Or is there a pop up feature I'm unaware of?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you :)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maia!

I do not know if I fully understand your goal here, but if there are two choices I would turn that slide into a Freeform Pick One.

I added a new slide that was a Quiz Question > Freeform > Pick One then pasted the slide contents there. Then in form view you can choose which is correct. You can see that the layers are automatically created for Correct/Incorrect.

I added this slide to your .story file and marked 'direct' as the correct answer for testing purposes. Take a look and let me know if this is what you were asking.

Leslie McKerchie

I would make additional slides if you'd like to utilize the built in tools as I've shown you here.

Articulate Storyline's freeform tools let you turn normal slide objects—like pictures, shapes, characters, text boxes, and markers—into engaging interactions. See the tutorials listed here to learn how to use Storyline's freeform questions.