Building a course with a pre and post test


I've been experimenting with creating a set-up that allows the user to take a pretest, which they will pass if they get 100%.

If they do not pass, they should watch the content and take the post test with unlimited attempts. 

I was looking at some work by Drew Pruitt in this thread:

but this was 6 years ago and was hoping there was some new advice I could be given? Also the lms didn't seem to love that basic set up.

Does anyone have any advice? 

Thank you 

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Wendy Farmer
Cheryl Levine

Also the lms didn't seem to love that basic set up.

Not sure what you mean by that Cheryl.

I've created a lot of pre/post test modules.

I have a link directly from the pre test slide to theQuiz

---> Results --> Pass info goes to the LMS.

---> Results --> Fail either Retry quiz or go to content ---> back to the same (only) result slide and info to LMS.

All of my files are confidential but I can try and mock something up or if you want to share your file I can try and help you.

Cheryl Levine

Hi Wendy,

would you mind throwing together  a mock-up? I'm lost with my design because I would like the questions to come from two question banks, because we want them to have unlimited attempts in the post test and review the section of the material (I thought i'd just stick the section that applies to a specific question it in a slide layer) 

I may be trying to do too many things with my limited experience with storyline, and a fresh start would be helpful.

Thank you 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Cheryl

here is a rough sample file.  I'm not sure of all your requirements so it will need to be tweaked but it should give you an idea of what you do/do not want

...for instance when they go through the test subsequent times and get a question wrong then go to the content for that slide - do they get to redo the question then or they continue on with the quiz and then retry the quiz in total at the end.