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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Leslie,

I'm not sure if you meant to include an image here or not - but replying via email won't post images or attachments to the forums. You'll need to visit this page to upload any attachments here. Storyline does have an option to add a scrolling panel, and you'll be able to see the directions on how to set that up in this tutorial. 

Leslie Steele

Thank you, Ashley.  I watched the video and I'm still having problems with creating the scrolling box/window.  The first attachment is a screenshot of the Engage project I'm trying to recreate in Storyline.  I've also attached my Storyline project where I've tried to add the scrolling box to my slide. 

I created the scrolling box, dragged the collection of objects to the scrolling box, but it's not working for me.  Can you please look at it and tell me where I went wrong?

Thank you so much!