Building a slide layer in a slide master layout


In slide master when building a layout you can build a slide layer.  However, when I'm out of slide master mode and I'm using the slide master layout it does not show the slide layer I built.  I'm assuming since it allows you to build it you should be able to see and edit it out of slide master mode like any other slide.   Any help in what I'm missing would be great.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tara

the slide layers are based on the 'feedback master' layouts. 

Information from Articulate staff in a previous post may help...

Layers on a slide are based off your feedback masters. So if you've added a layer on an individual slide master, that won't be applied through to your individual slides. 

Also, I wanted to link to this tutorial on using Slide masters and another helpful article

Tara Rohrbach

Thank you!

I would suggest then the ability to create a slide layer on a slide master should be removed as it does nothing.

Thank you,

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Sam Hill

Hi Tara,

You can use the layers in the slide master. We use them for things such as References, Help etc. You define them in the Master, but you are correct you cannot see them when working in the slides. They are not editable on a slide by slide basis and so are only used when you want a "global" slide layer that may be accessed from any slide within the project. 

As Wendy mentioned, there are layers that behave as a template, and can be edited on a slide by slide basis using the feedback master layouts.

Both uses are valid and necessary for lots of use cases.

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