Building a slide using multiple layers

I've designed a slide with three sub-headings linked to three different layers so that the slide is sequentially built up through learner activation. That means that each of the three layers remains visible once activated (the default "Hide other slide layers" in layer properties has been unchecked for all three layers). However, when I preview the slide only one layer can be activated, the other two do not superimpose onto the base slide. This is the case no matter which sub-heading I activate, the other two remain inactive. Is this a bug or have I forgotten something?

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

You may have a trigger or more telling a layer/layers to hide/show when they shouldn't. Something like that could be interfering with the default functionality on the slide layers, because you pointed out in your original post you had already unchecked the "Hide other slide layers" option. Also, if you're using SL2, make sure you have the latest version.

Good luck!