Building a test with two attempts - second attempt test score not pulling in

I have a request to build a test that allows the user to take the test twice.  If they do not pass after the second attempt, the course does not complete and they are instructed to speak with an educator.  I have created two storylines.  The first one works fine. I get test results for the first passed attempt.  If there is a fail, the user jumps to a second storyline that is identical to the first set of questions.  When I get to this results page, I continue to pull the score from the failed first attempt.  I have tried adding a "reset" trigger to begin with the first page of the second attempt quiz.  I have set the results page to "reset to initial state".  When I do this, I get a 0% score rather than the 1st attempt score.  Any tips on how to make this work?

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Lejan Ocampo

Hi Leanna,

I'm more than happy to help you with this one.

If you want to see the score on the second attempt instead of the first one, we need to ensure that we list the correct variable reference inside the % % on the results page for the 2nd attempt. If you have two results slides the one you're looking for is Results2.ScorePoints or Results2.ScorePercent whichever you are using on your results page. You can refer to this picture below:

I hope this helps. If you're still having issues, you may share your story file here so we can take a look.