Building a Time Management Quiz in Storyline 2 - Freebie included!

Mar 22, 2016

Hi Peeps,

I'd like to know how I can build a Likert Scale quiz with each response having a value between 1 and 5. Based on the responses you generate a score say one group between the value of 15-30, the next scores between 31-45 and the final group of scores between 46-75. Based on your score you get a custom response on your Time Management skills from 1 of the 3 groups, does that make sense?

I'd like learners to self evaluate their time management skills. I'm trying to move away from just presenting information and inviting more end user interaction to the module.

Update: Problem solved, demo file attached!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

you could use radio buttons with a variable for each one that assigns the score.  This is a very rough example with 2 questions.  Doesn't take into account if they change mind - you could disable the non selected radio buttons once one is selected in each set OR you could adjust your score using subtract action.

Hope this gives you some ideas anyway

Marcus Rummler

Great news, I've been able to create the radio buttons and get them to add up as I make my selections in the survey. I now need to change their states so they hold their selected status as you progress. This link has been very helpful -

Marcus Rummler

Ok, here is the file, any help would be great. Basically users will complete a series of survey questions, each response has a value from 1 to 5. As you go, the score could add up or press the calculate button for the final score. The user is then taken to a slide based on their final score. Would be nice to have the ability to make a different selection and adjust the score accordingly.

Marcus Rummler

Wendy, I've gone down the path of creating my own radio buttons on slide 1.4 Slide.

Slide 1.6 was my first attempt using the Likert scale but I didn't think I could assign variable values to the Likert scale buttons. It's now just my reference for the question content.

So for each radio button there is a corresponding variable with a value between 1 & 5, does that makes sense?

Thanks for your help :-)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

sorry got caught up with work and just had another look. Are you expecting the calculate button to be clicked to show the users their score and did you want it to be available in all slides? 

Are you using custom Nav or in built Nav? Just thinking of a module challenge I did where the 'View my progress' button was in the bottom of my custom Nav bar and they could access it from any slide in the challenge. It then displayed in a light box their progress.


Marcus Rummler

It's all good Wendy. The calculate button I found on an example from this site. I'm not fussed about using the button, might be easier if the total adds up with each choice the user makes. The button could be used to take the end user to their results slide. Since my last post I've been able to get it working but I'm experiencing the issue where if the user changes their mind and makes another selection, the total scores keeps adding up, as you said in your first post, it needs to subtract their first choice and add the new score only. I'm thinking of keeping it simple and somehow disabling the non-selected radio buttons so you can't chop and change your answers. Maybe the blue button could be used as a Retry button to clear all their choices and start again.

So in reality I answer questions 1 through to 5 and a total score is generated(non-selected buttons disabled). If I'm unhappy with my choices, I hit Retry and complete the 5 questions again. Once I'm happy I hit Submit and taken to a results pages where feedback is given on my time management skills based on my score. 

Here is the link to the Time Management quiz that I'm basing this module on -

Marcus Rummler


Thank you for the advice. I've got it working now and using hotspot layers to trigger when any of the radio button state changes to selected which prevents another selection being made half way through the quiz. The user can hit a Retry button which hides all layers allowing another attempt at all questions. Question scores add up as choices are made, it seems to be working OK now. Thanks again!

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