Building a Timed Assessment

Jul 19, 2013

I have a challenging problem with building a timed assessment.

I need to have a question that spans over 3-4 slides (3-4 multiple choice) and I want the student to be able to go back and forth only within those questions, and I want it to be timed to 1 minute so that when the 1 minute is up, it would move to the next section of questions. I don't want the student to be able to navigate to anything before or after this section until the section is completed.

At first I put all the choices on slide and used "pick many" option, but then I realized that the scores would be incorrect if sent to the SCORM report because if the student gets 1 wrong they get the whole question wrong. Each set of multiple choice is worth 1 point, so we need them to be graded separately. I want to avoid having them answer one at a time and not having the chance to review only those questions.

Is this possible?

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