Building an accounting activity in Storyline 360.


I'm hoping someone can lead me to some resources on this...

I have an activity that I am converting from Lectora to Storyline 360. There are a series of accounts that the learner must enter a debit or a credit entry for.  After they've entered either the credit or the debit, they select "total" which then calculates each of the columns (debit and credit) which then need to trigger a correct or incorrect response.    I do not see how it can be done using a convert to free form.

Too, the way this was set up in Lectora is for the learner to click on an account (example: cash account) and another layer to appear with more information on the account such as a series of debits and credits to the account that need to be manually calculated to determine if the account has a credit or debit balance. 

I mention the second part, because I'm sure calculating the numerical entries could be affected if I'm working on multiple layers.

Any advice would be much appreciated.  I'm attaching a screen shot of the activity. In this screenshot, I clicked on "Cash Account" to get the content that appears on the right.

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Michael Hinze

See attached a rough example that hopefully shows how this may work. I use offstage radio buttons that are set depending on the total values. These radio buttons are part of a Freeform Pick-one question. For this quick example I did the first two columns, the correct debit total is 10000 and the correct credit total is 5000. Hope that gets you started.