Building an Activities Library

Our company has seen an increase in Storyline production over the last several months, which includes more and more activities for users. I have been tasked with creating an internal library, for our developers, of interactive slides that have been created for previous productions. The soul purpose of this library is to aide developers in pushing out better content, faster, by allowing them to re-purpose slides that have already had the bugs worked out.

Our current plan is to create individual Storyline files, each with a single slide and a unique name identifying the activity. Relevant information would also be stored in a shared document, for writers and developers to access. We would also publish a working copy to our internal server, so people can see how it is supposed to work.

I would love some input on this from others who may have done something similar. If we can avoid any major pitfalls that you have already discovered, it would be greatly appreciated!

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