Building an interactive shopping experience

This is a longshot, but I wanted to see if anyone has done this.

I am assigned to a Project Management project.  And it is about cost management.  With that, most project managers have the dilemma of choosing from "High", "Medium", and "Low" values for what they control with their costs.  Those amounts can be linked to the Quality, to the Timeliness, etc.

So with that in mind.  I wanted to develop an interaction, where I give them a base $$ amount.  And they have to choose from different topics such as Quality, Timeliness, etc, with each High/Medium/Low value being linked to a $$ amount that is subtracted from their budget.

The key is to make them think though their choices, and realize how this will affect their budget, and the quality of the project once it has been completed.  Has anyone developed this sort of "budget shopping" sort of interaction?  I even tried searching for a supermarket shopping interaction I could use the code from, but I am coming up empty!

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