Building Case Studies

Jul 12, 2013

I have attached my 2 scenarios and need some help with them.

All help and advices are appreciated.



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Adam Hunt


These are my initial thoughts on your two questions:

For the first course layout, each job function could sit as a seperate scene and from the introduction the user could select to jump to their specific job function.  Then within each scene build a quiz with specified slides to count & the passing score.  Depending on your LMS you may need to do some other configuration within that so it's not counting the unviewed slides (the ones for the other job descriptions) against them.  I'm not 100% certain on that.  I did find another post that looks similar on this...

For the second course, I'm assuming that there is some sort of finishing slide/section (like another quiz) that they may go on to after viewing the 2 scenarios.  Assuming that, set a variable at the end of each scenario to switch to true upon completion.  Then place a button on the final slide in each scenario that will only appear when 2 of the variables are = true.

Hope that helps,


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