Building Closed Captions using Lightboxes in Storyline 2

Has anyone tried building closed captions (not synced to audio) for accessibility using lightboxes? 

I have see the demonstration on using layers. Do screen readers read the different layers in Storyline 2? 

I will not be publishing my course out to Flash so I need to build the accessibility features in the course.

Advantages/disadvantages to utilizing the lightbox method? (that is, create a CC button on each slide that triggers a lightbox with the audio script)



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Carrie -- Thanks so much for reaching out! While I will defer to your fellow community members to weigh in with their opinions on advantages and disadvantages to utilizing lightboxes for Closed Captioning, I did want to mention that this would also be a great question to pose over in our design-related Building Better Courses forum, as well.