Building eLearning for My Kids

The more I work in Articulate, the more I realize how powerful the software really is. Like many members of this community, I spend a lot of time deconstructing  the interactions that are shared on these discussion forms.

I pick apart triggers.

I practice aesthetics.

I email members asking exactly how they accomplished a specific effect.

I then return to my workspace and put into practice what I have learned from all of you. 

Oftentimes, I have projects at hand to which I can apply these new skills and ideas.

Sometimes, I don't have projects.

In the times I don't, I practice what I am learning on a series I am developing for my now 11 month old son, Elliot. 

This is a preview of the series I call "Elliot Learns". I am going for a storybook-vibe with very elementary interactions. All of the artwork is custom. I loved drawing (an older version of)Elliot and our pitbull, Gem.  (I am discovering how hard it is to draw torsos! Yikes!) And, of course, the rest is done in Articulate.

Give it a look-see. it is a brief preview for now. 

Click here for the preview.

The Storyline 1 file is attached for those who want to pick it apart like me. 

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