Building track learning for multiple roles

Oct 01, 2014

Has anyone got examples of a course they built where there are learning tracks built into it? I'm trying to design a course that will contain material for 5 different roles, but depending on the role selected at the start of the course, the learner will only see sections of material relavent to their role.

This course will also deploy an assessment at the end based on the role and material presented for that role.

Does anyone have any samples or suggested resources I can go to for help with this?

Much appreciation!


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Brian Allen

Hello Lisa,

Storyline allows you to get very complex with this, or go with a very simple approach.  That's what I like about Storyline...

The complex option would involve creating variables for each role, then applying triggers to your Next button that would control what slide the user advanced to based on the value of the role variable.

The simple option is to simply create a few scenes and then direct your learners through one of those scenes.  In the example I've attached, I have a shared menu slide and a shared assessment slide, but each role has a number of slides contained within a scene for that role.  I've then set the triggers on the next button to work as appropriate.

Hope this helps and gets you started!

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