Building UNIX terminal "session" training inside of Storyline?

I am curious if anyone has come up with any clever ways to simulate UNIX terminal sessions in storyline. In my job, I have to develop sysadmin/developer training (stuff like showing someone how to write and compile a specific java program or how to use SQL in a terminal session). Some of the first things I have to build involve a lot of work on console. By default, what I have done so far is either take screenshots of my session or inlcude a video showing how to execute a program or build something in Java. That's OK, but I don't like it because:

a.) it feels boring to have a bunch of screenshots or even video for this--I think it would be more alive, interactive, and allow me a better "canvas" to bring this training to life it was built in slides

b.) I am trying to build a completely portable publication output in HTML5 and Mobile Safari (and maybe IE) chokes on video and audio in the same

c.) I would like to be creative and interactive as possible inside a sometimes boring medium (text-based terminal session)

So far, what I think I'd do is build a number of states for each time something "happens" in the terminal session (i.e. I type a command, the resultant response or error, etc.). It feels like in the beginning, there might be more work doing this method, but once I have built one slide like this with a number of states, I would easily repurpose and copy/paste text from the actual terminal into the states on the new slide.

Just as sanity checking, does this sound like the correct method? And does anyone have an example of how they've done this that they'd be willing to share with me?

thanks for any help in advance!


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Steve Flowers

Hey, John - 

I think if I were doing something like this I'd find an emulator to control the flow. Take a look at this one:

Not sure how comfortable you are with JavaScript but I like the feel of that one. One of the cool things about doing it this way, you could embed as a web object and actually trigger audio when someone entered something correctly / incorrectly using the JavaScript interface to the storyline player (sure, it's variables based but still possible)