Building Who to Ask Demo for Learners

I am developing a tutorial called who to ask. I have 10 objects in a main office. Each person (object) has a roll over with a scenario. After reading the scenario, the learner need to drag the person to what they think is the correct office to help. If they select the correct office. It says congratulations and they are taken back to the main office via button. If they don't select the correct office, a layer appears saying, incorrect let me take you to the correct office. I have ten people in total (scenarios) and 8 offices (i will repeat two) I want the learner to be able to select any one of the ten people at random. I think I have set this up incorrectly as I have created a scene for each scenario with the appropriate triggers and layers. This has become a nightmare for me and I can't seem to get this to work. I know that I am missing something. The other thing that is happening is that I assign for example an office to be correct when you do preview it comes up as incorrect and I know that I did the trigger accurately. if anyone can give me some direction with this I would be so happy.

Vin Santilli

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Saenna B Ahman

hi vincent, i looked at your file and here is why I think youre getting the wrong layer appearing even when the learner drops the character on to the correct spot: in the hover state of the character, there is a large callout.  Because its so big, i think Storyline has to account for that larger size even when the item is NOT in its hover state. So when the learner drags the character and drops it, its "potential" size is actually overlapping with INCORRECT drop spots as well as the correct.

So on slide 1.1, i removed the caption from the hover state of the character called "Man Grey 1" and instead I made a LAYER for the caption info , and a trigger which causes the layer to appear on hover. Now thigns work correctly when i drag the character to the HR office. 

try previewing Slide 1.1 in the attached (modified) story file and see what u think. Hover over the "Man - Grey 1" and see the layer appear, then drag him to the hr office. i hope that helps!

Vincent Santilli

Hello David and Saenna.

I have the triggers down but when I try doing a rollover for the woman in Pink sitting on chair. It won't work. I like the way the parallagram enters the slide from the left and then disappears when you let go. How can I do that? I have tried and tried but no success. Also after the learner has gottn the correct answer, I am assuming I will do another slide for Human Resources? or do I use the same base slide as I did with the pink lady?

Saenna B Ahman

hello vincent, iam not really clear on what you want to do. Are you wanting a parallellogram to appeear when the learner mouses over hte pink woman? If so, you just do this:

  1. Create a layer. Add a parallellogram and give it an entrance animation of "fly in from left."  and add to it whatever text you want.
  2. On the base layer, select the pink woman and add a trigger that causes your parallellogram layer to reveal when the user hovers over the pink woman.  

Attached is David's file that he posted earlier, and I added a parallellogram layer and trigger to the pink woman so you could see.