Built in Menu not marking some items as visited

I have a course I am fixing for a client and the built in menu doesnt' seem to be marking all the menu items off.  

The one in particular is in reference to a question bank. After the users complete the question bank, it is set to jump to next slide. All other scenes work fine except for this. The menu still shows it as bold and not greyed / visited. Any ideas as to why?

I have tried setting to reset to initial state as well as saved state but to no avail.

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Rena Maguire

Hi Leslie,

I am seeing a similar issue in one of my courses that may be related. I have a series of slides that are set to jump to the next slide when the timeline completes. When I return to these slides after completing them, the next button is still greyed out, as if the "jump to next slide" action is happening before Storyline marks the slide as completed for the purposes of restricted Next buttons. Can you tell me if this is the same issue?

Rena Maguire

I am using Storyline 360 and testing in Chrome. Here is a test project illustrating the issue. I have tried both creating a trigger to jump to next slide when timeline ends and adjusting slide settings to advance automatically. If you revisit the slides, you will see the next button is still greyed out.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional details as well as the sample file Rena.

We do have a similar issue reported that we are currently looking into:

Next button is disabled on revisit if navigation is Restricted and slides automatically advance

That's the setup that you are using in the course shared above. I'll add this conversation to the report as we continue testing and so that we can update you here when we can.

Katie Riggio

Hi, folks!

Remember when the next button would be disabled when revisiting slides that advanced automatically in a course with restricted navigation? That button is now enabled in this scenario in update 24 for Storyline 360; check out all the new fixes and features here!

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to see everything this release has to offer. Let us know what you think!