Built in mouseover / hover effect does not work with SL2 in german language

Sep 09, 2015

Hi everybody,

it is not the first time that the german translation of SL2 does not behave as expected.

I recognized that the built in "hover" state of objects does not work if you use the german locale of SL2.

The built in "Mit der Maus verweilen" State (="Hover" state) does not show up. You have to add a custon trigger though it is not neceessary in the english locale (as described in the corresponding help-page).

I assume that SL2 does not recognize "Mit der Maus verweilen" as a built in state (=hover).

I can not recommend using the german locale. Instead of this you should usw the english version of SL2... since this translation problems have occured before in other situations. You will avoid some reoccuring trouble while using SL2.

I have attached two files. One file is created while using the english locale. The hover state will work.
The other file was created while using the german locale of SL2. It does not work as expected.


Short update:

Other users found this bug too.


I did not find that thread because keywords like "hover" are missing there. ;-)


When will this bug be removed?

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